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If you've landed here, it means that you're familiar with the dropshipping model. However, if you don't really know what it is and how to implement sales in this model, let us explain some basic information!

Dropshipping is a type of cooperation in which one entity (this could be you), selling via an online store, auction portal, online catalog or social media, plays the role of an intermediary between the product supplier (this is us LEAN Toys) and the end customer. In other words: you are responsible for activities related to the promotion and sale of the product, customer service, collecting orders and sending them to us. We handle everything else (warehouse processes and shipment of goods).

How to start the cooperation with us and sell profitably? It's easy!

You can cooperate with us in the dropshipping model on the following terms:
1. To start cooperation, you must run a business and have an active tax number.
2. You need to create an account on the B2B platform:
3. After registration, the account is verified by our team. If the result of this process is positive, you are granted access to wholesale prices, wholesale discount and current products' stock levels.
4. Our product database can be obtained thanks to the integration files in two formats (XML/CSV) or API for customers who have their store on the IdoSell platform, where integration can be implemented in two directions. To gain access to integration files, you must contact the store support by writing to e-mail address. Please remember to provide the version of the files you need.

Since August 22, 2022, we charge the so-called activation fee for providing files for integration. The fee is 50 EUR net. It is charged once, provided that you place your first orders within 6 months from the date the files are made available. If the condition is not met, access to the files will be blocked. To activate them, you will need to pay again.

The files offered by LEAN Toys are in XML format and are available in several versions of IOF 3.0, 2.6 and 2.5 in form of two feeds (links). One of them contains complete product data and second one lets you update the stock availability several times a day. We can also provide an XML Gateway file in the form of a links set.

We can offer the following shipping solutions/prices for Europe


Price Table


Remember! We can only process cash on delivery shipments on your own shipping label. We cannot send such packages directly. If you want to order your own courier, please select the "Self Pick-Up - Own Shipping Label" option when choosing a delivery method. The additional 1,50 EUR net fee will apply to cover the printing/preparing/packaging costs.
Warehouse address for ordering a courier/own pick-up is:

Obroncow Poczty Gdanskiej 95
42400 Zawiercie

Warranty, complaints and returns

Every product is under 1-year warranty except vehicle batteries and chargers (6 months). As a dropshipper, you are obliged to offer your customer a  return or warranty solution by yourself. Damaged or incorrect products should be reported with a video or picture proof of fault. Based on this, we will decide whether to reimburse, replace or compensate the article. If the article is partially damaged and there is possibility to change some part, we will supply you the required part. Every customer has a withdrawal period of 14 days after receiving an order. This does not apply to business agreements. As a seller you are obliged to manage returns on your own behalf. We do not accept returns.

Ordering process

You have received your first order, so let's start the process of placing it in our store.
1. You place orders via the B2B platform
2. You select a product, add it to the shopping cart, and then complete the order just like in a standard online store.
3. When you get to the 3rd step of ordering process, you will see a "Delivery Address" zone where you need to select a delivery address details. Press the "change a delivery point" and then click on "add a new address" button. Remember! Always use the "add new address" option!
4. After selecting the address, the appropriate shipping solution/cost will be displayed.
5. Once you have completed your order, an order number will be generated.

If you have chosen the shipping option via your own courier, please send the label to the following e-mail address:, providing the order number in the e-mail title.